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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Calories Don't Count At Christmas WIP as of 1st Jan 2O13...

This project is so cute!!! My Mum bought it for me for Christmas from the Works, it came with everything you needed to get on with it straight away ~ chart, aida fabric and threads. However I looked at the chart and there are a lot of stitches and back stitch that would pierce and split the aida blocks (stitching on aida is NOT for me) so I swapped out the fabric and am stitching on some evenweave :D 

However I am well impressed with:
1) the quality of the threads included 
&& 2) the aida (if you were to use it) is hemmed around the edges to stop fraying...some more expensive kits don't even do that to the fabric they include!!!
&&& 3) the chart includes DMC conversion at the bottom for all the thread colours!!! FAB!!!

So I started stitching on the 3Oth of December and here's where I got to:
I have used some Kreinik fine braid in an iridescent pearl colour along with the white in the candy canes to give a bit of sparkle (it doesn't show in the photo though!) *insert sad face here*

You all know me, I've already been missing out some stitches and changing bits to suit me. Some of the writing (especially the O of "count" ~ look at the top picture, looks like two U's right???) it didn't look right on the chart so I amended it slightly to make it look better. Sometimes I think you do have to have been stitching quite a while if you want to tackle one of these kits, as sometimes the charts aren't the best and you do have to change some things about! I think if you're a new stitcher then the instructions aren't the clearest and sometimes the oddities of the chart may put you off ~ but if you're like me and have been stitching forever (well on and off since I was 8) then you'll tackle anything and modify it to suit you :D

I hope you like my new project ~ it's stitching up quite quickly (although I have had to order some more Kreinik) so hopefully it'll be a quick finish and I can frame/finish it off in a cute way for it to be displayed next Christmas...and I totally agree with the caption "Calories Don't Count at Christmas" ;)

Here is my progress today (the 1st of January)...
Note the lack of icing on the right hand cupcake ~ I'm awaiting my Kreinik delivery!!! Should be here soon I reckon...I ordered it yesterday from Donna - website is here: and have had an email to say my order is processing ~ Donna's usually dead quick but I'm not in a hurry anyway!!!

If you've read today's blog then thank you so much & Merry New Year...


Cheryl Armstrong said...

Good luck with this Sandz its lovely :) x

Claire said...

You made good progress already.