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Monday, August 23, 2010


I've got a virus and I'm a poorly girl at the moment :0( it sucks because I don't have the energy to do anything. NOT even stitch :0( that is really nasty because I could've got loads acheived on Friday, today and over the weekend. All I want to do is sleep though :0(  this is exactly how I feel right now!!! >>>

BEFORE I got poorly I have been working on this - John Clayton's American Smooth.                                                                                  >>>
This is for my Mum's Christmas present :0) I'm quite proud of my progress so far...
<<< this is how much I have done in just a few days. I might see what I feel like tomorrow and attempt some more. BUT I don't want to try and do some and go wrong and then spend my next session at it frogging the mistakes I did when I was poorly. That would definitely NOT be fun!!! It is a nice design because each symbol for stitches is either a plain colour or two different colours combined called 'tweeding'. This means every section that I am looking at has a different 'feel' to it and some of the depth and detail in the colours is created by stitching with one strand of one colour and one strand of another at the same time (hope that makes sense!) I am really enjoying the work that I am putting into it. The reason why I chose this design to do is that the dancer looks a bit like my Mum when she was younger and she used to do ballroom dancing so I think it'll remind her a bit of those days which will be nice. Whether she'll have any place to hang this design is another matter but hey it's the thought that counts!!! I need to do something for me next - HOWEVER my HAED is for meee but I haven't worked on that in a while...maybe I need to get that out and see if I can put a few more stitches in that or it'll end up a UFO!!!

CURRENTLY my HAED stands at this:

With no stitches placed in it since May time. Perhaps I should make an effort with this project tomorrow if I feel up to it - we'll see! 

Thanks for reading this (if you did) and I hope you like my current project for my Mum, I will really try to put some more stitches into it this week and post another update!!!
:0) xXx

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I need some lol...I need to get on with my HAED as well as the design I want to do for my Mum for a Christmas present (now I know this sounds early but is July after all!) I haven't worked on my HAED for ages now. I need to start putting in a few stitches here and there or it'll NEVER grow... :0(

I also need to concentrate on losing some weight before my holiday to Magluf in September...74 days to go and counting! 20th September for a week - I'm very excited as I am going with my boyfriend Tom and it'll be LOVELY!!! I currently am 10stone, I'd like to be about 9stone - maybe 9 and a half stone when I go away. I have a lot of work to do. Today I have eaten a lot of fruit, drank a lot of fluids and had a small tea. I know that it is my exercise & overall fitness which lets me down though. I have a trampoline in my back garden, I know I need to use that more...and I should really walk more...I'm so lazy! I really must get that sorted out before September!!!

That's all I wanted to say, other than the fact that I am still here...I just haven't written in a while...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Hedgehog finish...

:0) stitched on hand dyed evenweave...I'm very impressed. I'm waiting on a little metal hanger that I bought last night so I can finish it up and send it to my friend :0)

This is the first cross stitch finish that I have done in months :0) so I am very proud of myself. Hope my stitching pal likes it too! What a nice way to spend a Thursday afternoon though, the weather has been sunny but also very cloudy and a bit windy - so not warm enough to sit outside :0( 

I've also been playing on Bejeweled on my iPhone (small obsession) trying to always beat my high score...that's kept me entertained a lot of the afternoon...waiting on my boyfriend to come round now as he finished work at 7pm! I've missed him today...can't wait to chill out with him and watch some tv...all in all my day off has been very productive I feel :0) - also went and collected a parcel that was waiting for me at the post office, two new pairs of shoes!!! Can't be bad...

Fishtank, stitching and general stuff...

Things are much better lately I feel...:0)

I have a fishtank with a red fighter fish and 3 snails in it...2 of 3 snails have been in there a month on Saturday and the other 1 almost 2 weeks on Saturday. The fighter has been in there a month as well :0)!!! This is much more encouraging...
Here's some wee photos - 
One wee snail :0)
One wee fish :0) (who doesn't have a name yet!)
Don't know if you can see but he has lilac/purple scales along with his red ones, he's really pretty!!!

Another snaily pic...
The actual tank now. Looks a lot better with some real plants :0)

I'm also completing a Margaret Sherry Hedgehog design at the moment from CrossStitcher issue 226, I'll be sending it to a friend when it is done...just the back stitch to go and 1 bee. I'll put a picture up when it is done! :0) It feels nice to be back doing a small design, I think I've got a bit put off with my HAED but I'm sure that I'll find the motivation to start it up again soon...I hope :0)

Also bought some garden furniture this weekend when the weather was lovely - 28degrees on Sunday, positively's a photo of my boyfriend Tom enjoying the sun in my garden with it's somewhat newly laid turf...

I'm in a good place mood wise at the moment, long may it continue. Day off tomorrow so I am going to try finish my hedeghog design and hope that it is sunny enough to sit in the garden. I don't think it will be but I can only hope. Also Tom & I are planning on buying a house next year, that I am really excited about...I'm hoping we can find a nice small place within our budget which I'm sure we will. Just feel that I need a different job (can't stay in a call centre forever) and I'll be much happier but we will have to wait and see on that front...

Thanks for reading my latest entry...I think it is much happier than previous postings!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


I've had a slight tropical tank issue and 5 out of 6 tetra have died :0( I am a very sad little fish mummy at the moment and failed my kiddy winks (the dead fish) I think :0( I have 1 swimming around looking mightily lost at the moment but feel he may follow the same fate at some point if all the others didn't make it for some reason.

My pleccy however is doing great if that's any consolation :0(
Ohhh well give the tank a couple of weeks and I'll start all over again...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long long time no post!!!

Hi peeps!

OMG so much has gone on since I last posted here...where do I start? Well Jack and I are no more (for various reasons) we split up in November just gone and I moved out into my own little flat in the December as I was living with Jack's Mum. I love my little flat. It's ace. Has a garage and everything & in such a nice location too. Here's a wee picture -
I've also got a new car <3>

I also have a fishtank (tropical) with 5 baby tetra and 1 baby catfish (pleccy) in it so far. I'm really getting settled in :0) I love having my own little place. Again please see photos below -

(This is my tank whilst it was 'settling' before any fish were added.)

This is my catfish or pleccy as they can be known. He's called Delap and he's ace. So docile and pleasant - the Tetra's just swim around him and he's not bothered by anything. Just chills a lot of the time.

I also have a new boyfriend called Tom who I've been seeing for a little while now, he's such a sweetheart and treats me like an absolute princess. No day is boring with my Tom. We do loads of things together such as snowboarding (wheee!), going to Chester Zoo, he surprises me with flowers all the time, he booked a surprise meal for Valentine's Day - I could go on and on but I wont. Just letting you know I'm all happy and may have found 'the one' eee! Hehe. Here's a sweet picture of the two of us -

Needless to say I haven't been crafting much lately. Although now I feel settled in my environment I have been working on my HAED the past couple of days and have put just under 1000 stitches in in the past couple of nights. I've been working on the massive blocks of black and navy that are around the edge of the piece. I reckon probably 100/200 more stitches and I've got one page completed. Just a reminder...I am working on this -

That's it really. Just a bit of an update on my life. Going well so far. Hope to be back with an 'update' photo of my HAED when I complete that first page!!! ;0)
I'll write again soon...
:0) xXx