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Monday, October 20, 2008

Second Post...

This is my second post here, I thought I would show you my latest Xmas cards. I have made 11 now...

I have also been working on a Plum Pudding Needle Art design called 'Deck The Halls' which has penguins on it and I love penguins - I've done 1 penguin out of 3 so far.

Here are my Christmas Cards -

My first penguin also -
Penguin number 1...
Penguin Number 1 also
--- you can see the beautiful hand dyed fabric on this one. I got it from Emma (emmaslittleangels) on the cross stitch forum - see here -> for some beautiful fabrics available to buy!!!

Thank you for looking, I really must get on with something today :0)...
x x x

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First post :0)...

Hehe! This is my first post - check out my webshots here -

At the moment I am making Christmas related designs for Christmas are a few of them...
Buddies Card1
Joy Card1
Love Card1
Star Card1

...that's it for now :0) I'll add more later...