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Monday, April 01, 2013

Turns out I'm not just a cross stitcher...

I can draw too...I used to take art at GCSE & Alevel then Photography at Degree level so art in one way or another has been flowing through my veins from a young age...

I haven't drawn anything in the longest time & yesterday I looked at my sketch pad & thought "well lets attempt to draw something!" so I found this picture online:
and this is my interpretation:
I drew this for my friend Matt...for many reasons:
1) Kingdom Hearts HD is out at the end of the year 
2) we used to play Kingdom Hearts A LOT when we 1st knew one another 
3) he needs cheering up & for someone to do something totally just for him...

I hope you like it...he's already seen it cos I texted him a picture like the moment it was finished and his exact words were "Wow!! That is totally amazing! You are aware that is being framed and actually going up!" so that makes me feel really good about myself...:0)

I am so critical though ~ Sora's face isn't perfect, the writing is wonky etc etc etc...but I think I did a good job...

I hope that you like it if you have read this blog post!