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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Long long time no post...

It has been ages since I have posted. Lots has gone on since then. I have stitched quite a bit more on my HAED Moon Glow, completed a free kit, made a few decoupage cards and stitched Winnie the Pooh for a baby sampler!

I am out of work at the moment due to my previous area manager not treating me as well as I think I could've been treated. She preferred my supervisor in my eyes and my supervisor got extra training days and went to stock takes etc that I did not even get invited to or consulted about. Things would be organised without me being considered and I would not find out about things until the day - for example I would expect to be working the day with my supervisor and I'd get in to find another one of my staff members there to work etc...ALSO I was put through meetings up to a disciplinary hearing about cash handling and banking (of which I did nothing wrong) I appealed against this and got the outcome (which was a verbal warning) overturned. So I left there on June the 5th and have been applying to various jobs since then with NO luck.I am hoping that this situation changes asap!!! Although in the mean time I have been doing odd bits of craft work (as detailed above...) please see pictures below - I hope you like them...
HAED progress 2/08/09:

Winnie the Pooh Birth Sampler:
(the coloured pen lines are washable ink!)

Crazy Flowers Free Kit:

Decoupage Cards:

Forever Friends...
For Kirsty...
Tatty Teddy...
For Niina...
Close Up...

That's all...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Long time no post...

I've been rather busy recently. I have just moved (well beginning of Feb) up to Stoke on Trent to be with my boyfriend and to start a new job. I am now manager of a 'The Works' store in a local garden centre. We sell books, art and craft stuff, stationery, kids books & toys etc... it is great and I love it. Although not much time to do any stitching or catch up online. However the other day we got a wireless router so I can be on my laptop again - so more time to catch up with the things I do online, yay!!!

HAED has progressed a little bit since I last posted - here are some photos - here is a photo as it looked on 18th January!
This one is a little bit closer -
This photo is how it looks now (taken on the 18th of March) -
And here we have yet another photo which is a bit closer -
Here (just as a reminder) is what Moon Glow will look like when she is completed -
I hope that anybody looking really likes my progress - it is not coming on quite as fast as I would like but a lot of changes have taken part in my life over the past couple of months so I have to cut myself some slack really =0)

Monday, January 05, 2009

HAED Progress #2

My progress as of today (05/01/09) is this:
Stitching HAED 050109
Stitching HAED 050109 #2
I have enjoyed stitching so far. Although I had to get some of my symbols for colours changed by HAED as they looked really similar and I couldn't decipher between them on my chart. SO HAED changed the symbols for me and sent me a larger chart too all free of charge :0) that's brilliant service!!!

So I shall be getting on with some more stitching later today!!!