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Friday, July 17, 2015

2 Posts in a Month!

I'm getting better ;0)

I have come to post up some photographs of my HAED Coral Addiction. I started her in March 2011 (gosh where do the years go!) and have not picked her up for some time...the last photo on my computer is labelled 19.09.12!!!

Here it is:

AND here is where I am at with my stitching as of YESTERDAY (16.07.15):

This is what she will look like when complete...(minus the background as I asked for that to be removed when I purchased the chart)

So a lot more tail to do and a bit of coral right at the bottom! My aim was to have her completed LAST year (did not go to plan) so I will try to have her completed THIS year instead...:0)

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my progress and hope that you will continue to check in and watch my progress now I have picked this old project back up again...

Friday, June 05, 2015

Long Time NO Post...

I feel like I spend a lot of my time making posts that have the above title lol...

I must try harder!

The reason for my absence? Life! We have just bought a house and moved in a month ago (or slightly less than that, 3 weeks 4 days!) so have been INCREDIBLY busy decorating and doing DIY...

I haven't stitched much recently either, I have started a new Koi Fish project for my other half but that is stitched in the style of a HAED so may take some months to complete...

I am going to try my best to update and make a blog post every month - whether I just update with a few pictures about what I have been doing, review something I have used, or just waffle on about my life in general...I WILL POST SOMETHING!!! (promise!)

I hope all the readers of my blog are well & enjoying the lovely June weather we have been having! (sense the sarcasm in that sentence...) today alone it has thundered, poured down and now is glorious sunshine...glad I did not put the washing out! The weekend is meant to be brighter so hopefully that is true and I can throw all the windows open at my house, give it a good air and a summer clean...;0)

I plan to sit and stitch tonight, for the FIRST time in my new house. I'm really looking forward to it :0) goodness knows how much I will get done because I am sure my other half will be under my feet ;0) however yesterday we moved the Fiesta he is restoring/building up to its FOREVER home (from a garage about 45minutes away!) so hopefully he'll disappear out there and sort some of his stuff out...

Loving you all and leaving you all now...until next time...;0)

SandZ xXx

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pile of Piggies WIP! :0)...

1st WIP pic as of 23rd September!!!
2nd WIP pic as of 27th September!!!
3rd WIP pic as of 8th October!!!
I started this stitch in mid September - as you can see it is progressing quite well :0) I am happy with the colours and the way it looks. The cover of the kit looks like this: 

It is quite an easy stitch ~ no blending, no fractionals and no half stitches :0) I am very glad that the colours in the threads in the kit are more natural than they show on the picture above...I think that the final piece will be stunning and I hope that Cookie's Mum will like it. It is her CHRISTMAS pressie so I think I am on track to get it completed in time. I have almost completed the 4th piglet on the left hand side of the design (the only one with a curly tail) so will show another picture when I have completed that piglet (should be within the next few days!)

I hope that you like my latest project and my WIP photographs ~ thanks for looking if you have done so!