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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pile of Piggies WIP! :0)...

1st WIP pic as of 23rd September!!!
2nd WIP pic as of 27th September!!!
3rd WIP pic as of 8th October!!!
I started this stitch in mid September - as you can see it is progressing quite well :0) I am happy with the colours and the way it looks. The cover of the kit looks like this: 

It is quite an easy stitch ~ no blending, no fractionals and no half stitches :0) I am very glad that the colours in the threads in the kit are more natural than they show on the picture above...I think that the final piece will be stunning and I hope that Cookie's Mum will like it. It is her CHRISTMAS pressie so I think I am on track to get it completed in time. I have almost completed the 4th piglet on the left hand side of the design (the only one with a curly tail) so will show another picture when I have completed that piglet (should be within the next few days!)

I hope that you like my latest project and my WIP photographs ~ thanks for looking if you have done so!

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cucki said...

Wow looking so lovely
Big hugs xx