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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long long time no post!!!

Hi peeps!

OMG so much has gone on since I last posted here...where do I start? Well Jack and I are no more (for various reasons) we split up in November just gone and I moved out into my own little flat in the December as I was living with Jack's Mum. I love my little flat. It's ace. Has a garage and everything & in such a nice location too. Here's a wee picture -
I've also got a new car <3>

I also have a fishtank (tropical) with 5 baby tetra and 1 baby catfish (pleccy) in it so far. I'm really getting settled in :0) I love having my own little place. Again please see photos below -

(This is my tank whilst it was 'settling' before any fish were added.)

This is my catfish or pleccy as they can be known. He's called Delap and he's ace. So docile and pleasant - the Tetra's just swim around him and he's not bothered by anything. Just chills a lot of the time.

I also have a new boyfriend called Tom who I've been seeing for a little while now, he's such a sweetheart and treats me like an absolute princess. No day is boring with my Tom. We do loads of things together such as snowboarding (wheee!), going to Chester Zoo, he surprises me with flowers all the time, he booked a surprise meal for Valentine's Day - I could go on and on but I wont. Just letting you know I'm all happy and may have found 'the one' eee! Hehe. Here's a sweet picture of the two of us -

Needless to say I haven't been crafting much lately. Although now I feel settled in my environment I have been working on my HAED the past couple of days and have put just under 1000 stitches in in the past couple of nights. I've been working on the massive blocks of black and navy that are around the edge of the piece. I reckon probably 100/200 more stitches and I've got one page completed. Just a reminder...I am working on this -

That's it really. Just a bit of an update on my life. Going well so far. Hope to be back with an 'update' photo of my HAED when I complete that first page!!! ;0)
I'll write again soon...
:0) xXx