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Monday, August 23, 2010


I've got a virus and I'm a poorly girl at the moment :0( it sucks because I don't have the energy to do anything. NOT even stitch :0( that is really nasty because I could've got loads acheived on Friday, today and over the weekend. All I want to do is sleep though :0(  this is exactly how I feel right now!!! >>>

BEFORE I got poorly I have been working on this - John Clayton's American Smooth.                                                                                  >>>
This is for my Mum's Christmas present :0) I'm quite proud of my progress so far...
<<< this is how much I have done in just a few days. I might see what I feel like tomorrow and attempt some more. BUT I don't want to try and do some and go wrong and then spend my next session at it frogging the mistakes I did when I was poorly. That would definitely NOT be fun!!! It is a nice design because each symbol for stitches is either a plain colour or two different colours combined called 'tweeding'. This means every section that I am looking at has a different 'feel' to it and some of the depth and detail in the colours is created by stitching with one strand of one colour and one strand of another at the same time (hope that makes sense!) I am really enjoying the work that I am putting into it. The reason why I chose this design to do is that the dancer looks a bit like my Mum when she was younger and she used to do ballroom dancing so I think it'll remind her a bit of those days which will be nice. Whether she'll have any place to hang this design is another matter but hey it's the thought that counts!!! I need to do something for me next - HOWEVER my HAED is for meee but I haven't worked on that in a while...maybe I need to get that out and see if I can put a few more stitches in that or it'll end up a UFO!!!

CURRENTLY my HAED stands at this:

With no stitches placed in it since May time. Perhaps I should make an effort with this project tomorrow if I feel up to it - we'll see! 

Thanks for reading this (if you did) and I hope you like my current project for my Mum, I will really try to put some more stitches into it this week and post another update!!!
:0) xXx