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Friday, July 17, 2015

2 Posts in a Month!

I'm getting better ;0)

I have come to post up some photographs of my HAED Coral Addiction. I started her in March 2011 (gosh where do the years go!) and have not picked her up for some time...the last photo on my computer is labelled 19.09.12!!!

Here it is:

AND here is where I am at with my stitching as of YESTERDAY (16.07.15):

This is what she will look like when complete...(minus the background as I asked for that to be removed when I purchased the chart)

So a lot more tail to do and a bit of coral right at the bottom! My aim was to have her completed LAST year (did not go to plan) so I will try to have her completed THIS year instead...:0)

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my progress and hope that you will continue to check in and watch my progress now I have picked this old project back up again...

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