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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fishtank, stitching and general stuff...

Things are much better lately I feel...:0)

I have a fishtank with a red fighter fish and 3 snails in it...2 of 3 snails have been in there a month on Saturday and the other 1 almost 2 weeks on Saturday. The fighter has been in there a month as well :0)!!! This is much more encouraging...
Here's some wee photos - 
One wee snail :0)
One wee fish :0) (who doesn't have a name yet!)
Don't know if you can see but he has lilac/purple scales along with his red ones, he's really pretty!!!

Another snaily pic...
The actual tank now. Looks a lot better with some real plants :0)

I'm also completing a Margaret Sherry Hedgehog design at the moment from CrossStitcher issue 226, I'll be sending it to a friend when it is done...just the back stitch to go and 1 bee. I'll put a picture up when it is done! :0) It feels nice to be back doing a small design, I think I've got a bit put off with my HAED but I'm sure that I'll find the motivation to start it up again soon...I hope :0)

Also bought some garden furniture this weekend when the weather was lovely - 28degrees on Sunday, positively's a photo of my boyfriend Tom enjoying the sun in my garden with it's somewhat newly laid turf...

I'm in a good place mood wise at the moment, long may it continue. Day off tomorrow so I am going to try finish my hedeghog design and hope that it is sunny enough to sit in the garden. I don't think it will be but I can only hope. Also Tom & I are planning on buying a house next year, that I am really excited about...I'm hoping we can find a nice small place within our budget which I'm sure we will. Just feel that I need a different job (can't stay in a call centre forever) and I'll be much happier but we will have to wait and see on that front...

Thanks for reading my latest entry...I think it is much happier than previous postings!

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