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Saturday, January 05, 2013

2O13 diary...

Right my aim for the whole year is to write in my page per day diary. Now I don't mean writing emotionally about things ~ I mean writing about what I've done/accomplished so I can look at it next year & see lots of photos and memories I've saved from all the different things that I've done & places I've been to!!! That means I could stick a receipt or wristband to a page if I went to a theme park or a train ticket if I went somewhere :0) you get the gist?!

I'll also be putting photographs of my cross stitch projects in there too with dates I've stitched on them etc...I wish I'd done something like this in years before ~ the reason I am doing it is because I get so forgetful. Facebook is a good tool for reminding me what I did/felt because I'm always uploading pictures and statuses! However hopefully this diary will come with me everywhere & in years to come I can look back and remember 2O13 fondly!!! :0)

So yeah...keep reminding me to write in it cos I'll probably forget lol, I'll do really well for the first few weeks & then I'll get lazy haha!!!...;0)

Ohhh & enter my competition below!!! You can enter as many guesses as you like ~ if I didn't say that on the original post :0)

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