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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coca-Cola Truck & Finished Chicken Cross Stitch...

Just a few photographs of the Coca-Cola truck which visited our local Asda store today :0) my bestest friend Genie and I went down and took some photos!!!

I finished my Chickens cross stitch today as it is:
I need to frame it somehow & present it to my friends (that I dog sit for) for Christmas :0) I hope it will warm their hearts as they recently lost one of the dogs to some unknown illness. They went to the Vets and Kali (the dog) baffled them, so my friend made the brave decision to let her babygirl go to sleep (as she didn't want Kali to be in pain)...Kali was my favourite dog out my friends 6 dogs so I miss her greatly! My friends do have 4 chickens so that's why I chose to stitch some chickens...

I hope you like my pictures if you have looked at my blog today! I hope your weekend has been great...mine was quite festive as I went to watch the Christmas lights be turned on in our local town followed by watching a Christmas movie with my best friend on Saturday...then today we saw the Coca-Cola truck :0)

I hope the coming week is good for you all...

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