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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home Made Vegetable Soup...

Over the weekend I thought I would get creative...I will take photos next time!!! I made Vegetable Soup following this recipe here: Chunky Vegetable Soup :0) the only differences I made were I substituted a leek for the celery, added a bit of water extra to the water mixed with the stock, didn't put it through the blender I merely mashed 1/2 of the soup mixture with a potato masher lol and then added pasta at the is beautiful!!! I've been taking it to work this week for my lunch. 

I made a large saucepan full and froze 3/4 of it, I have been getting my portions out of the freezer of an evening then decanting it (when it is defrosted, usually in the morning) into my newly dubbed "soup cup" which has a lid for spill free transportation...I am enjoying it immensely and think that I shall call Sundays from now on "Souper Sundays" as I think I shall be making various batches of different soups most Sundays for my lunches at work the following week. 

You'd think this would be boring having soup each day BUT NO, I am mixing it up a bit because on Monday I took a granary roll with me, today was sesame Ryvita crispbread and tomorrow I'm not sure what I shall rustle up ;0) I like the idea that I know exactly what went into my soup and it's probably quite low in calories. The pasta I used was white pasta but with wholewheat, like this: 
It is scrummy!!! I didn't add any extra seasoning or salt/pepper and think that the soup is tasty enough without. When I chopped up my potato I just scrubbed it clean and kept the skin on so that adds a bit of a different colour and texture, the carrot and swede add even more colour and if you wanted a bit of variety you could add peas, brocolli, squash, name it and you could probably add it to this delicious soup recipe! 

On Sunday I think I shall attempt this one: Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe as it includes tomatoes and a LOT of the vegetables that I had left over from my soup session on Sunday just gone (well they'll need using up at some point)...

Yummy! Give soup making a try. You'll be surprised at the results...I sure was! I shall 100% be making more soup. I reckon using the quantities in the top link for Chunky Vegetable soup you could feed 4 maybe as a main meal or more as a lunch time snack if you were having a sandwich too. Of course you don't have to blend it/mash it at all, you could leave it as it is and it would just be extra chunky ;0)

Thanks for reading (if you have done) I shall post again with more of my soup adventures on my "Souper Sundays"...

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Claire said...

Sounds yummy.I might have a go as I got lots of veg this week.