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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Team Damon!!!

Well my newest favourite show is "The Vampire Diaries" ~ I'm just about up to speed watching it on Netflix (I'm about halfway through Season 3 & Season 4 has just finished being on the TV...) because I didn't know about The Vampire Diaries when it was airing on TV I think I may have a gap between finishing Season 3 and watching Season 4 which is annoying! It's not so bad waiting for a new season of something if you have finished watching the previous season at the same time as everyone else, but I am a whole season behind and Season 4 is not out on Netflix yet & probably wont be until it's out on DVD :0( 

I have pre-ordered the Season 1-4 box set on which is due for release in August so not that long to wait in the grand scheme of things! I may have to watch from Season 1 again and because I have watched up to Season 3 and know more in depth what is going on then maybe I'll realise/spot things or twists in the episodes earlier second time around...

I love this show, it is so in-depth and the episodes are written so well. It took me until the end of Season 1 to decide if I was Team Damon or Team Stefan ~ I am firmly on Team Damon...he is stunning and such a magnificent actor, such beautiful facial expressions! He is the ultimate bad boy but he cares deep down, he has some exciting & interesting story lines and doesn't care what people think about him or about what he does! He knows he does the wrong things from time to time but he doesn't regret things too easily I don't think and that's a good way to should only maybe regret things you have done, not things you haven't done (whoops! Went off on a tangent there!)...
Wow, absolutely gorgeous!!! :0)

I love it when you can find a new series to watch and get utterly engrossed in...I should've started doing a re-cap each time I'd watched a few episodes and expressed my thoughts from there but quite honestly I didn't think about it at the time. Perhaps when I'm done watching Season 3 and more than likely go back to watching Season 1 again then I will do this, although it wont quite be the same as when I watched it the 1st time around because I'll know what happens later on (which is a shame!) but knowing me I'll have forgotten a lot of things so maybe it might be worth doing???

What I do love most is that people keep dying or disappearing for some reason or another and then they pop back up a few episodes down the line and the transitions are're never left thinking "huh?! What are they doing back?!" it is always for a reason or explained so well...I love it...:0)

My favourite characters are: (apart from Damon, obviously!)
* Catherine - the vampire double of Elena (Elena is Catherine's doppelganger!)
* Caroline - one of Elena's best friends who was turned into a Vampire by Catherine after she had an accident. While in hospital Damon gave Caroline some of his blood to aid healing & then Catherine killed Caroline hence turning her into a Vampire, but she was such a good person before that this followed her through into her life as a Vampire...
* Elijah & Rebekah - my 2 favourite "Originals", they seem to resonate most deeply with me...Elijah has his morals and Rebekah is the most fun, she can be a right bitch but I like that about her :0)

My apologies if you haven't ever watched the Vampire Diaries, this is just me waffling on about it because I felt the need to lol! Something a bit different from my usual Cross Stitch chatter ;0)...would be rather cool if HAED made a Vampire Diaries chart...perhaps of this image???
Or something similar! :0) I think that would be very cool & certainly something I would stitch in the future...

Right I'm signing off with my Vampire Diaries waffle, I am a tad obsessed (if you hadn't gathered yet!) I even have a Team Damon t-shirt...
Hope everyone is okay! & thanks for reading my blog today if you have done ;0)

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