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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Goal in Life... absolute aim in life (& has been for a while) is to move somewhere warm & sunny...the weather in England depresses me so much! Today it is BEAUTIFUL sat in the little sun trap at the bottom of my garden, I wish every day could be like this! I wish I could travel & see the world as my job, that would be the best! So much to experience out there & I get to see none of it because I am tethered to the spot here in Lowestoft!

So that's the goal ~ get out of Lowestoft...I dunno what I'll do to achieve that goal but I can't sit on my bum any longer in my job where I can't progress anywhere! I'm not tied to Lowestoft really ~ no kids, no house I really should just go! What kind of job would I do though?! Wish I could just backpack through loads of countries, learn a few languages & help some people out along the way! That would be amazing...

So yep...that's gonna be my focus from now on! Not focusing on dramas or "friends" that don't really care about me! Here I come world (when my knee is healed)...are you ready for me?!

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