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Monday, January 24, 2011

5X5 blanket all stitched up...

I've so far knitted enough squares to make a 5X5 blanket...and I've stitched it it is:

I have made a slight change in my design - I am no longer making it 7X9 but instead 7X7 with a crocheted border...I do have a photo of almost all my knitted squares for my 7X7 blanket but as yet I have not stitched together the outer squares...(as you can probably tell)

I have (as you can see from the photo) another 6 squares to knit, then I can start stitching my outer layer of squares onto the 5X5 blanket...then I'll almost be done...only the crocheted border to do...I'm very excited!!!
Thanks for looking if you have done. I should be finished my blanket this week maybe? Then I can go back onto the HAED...

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