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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mum's Apron...fourth set of photos :0)

Possibly the last set of photos of this project as I feel I am finished with it. Now it just needs to be washed and ironed and wrapped for Christmas Smile ...

I'm not sure whether it needs a bit more doing to it?! I feel that the gap above and below MUM and the cupcakes maybe should be filled?! Or is that going a bit overboard?! Roll Eyes See photos below:

--- The slight Christmassy element to my design as it IS for a Christmas present!!!
--- Ignore the slight purple lines around some of the designs, they will disappear...honest!!! :0/...

Now moving onto the last two xmas cards I have to do and a baby sampler Smile it's non-stop as per usual Smile

I hope you like it and if you think I should add a bit more top and bottom of the design please say - because I can't make up my mind ?! Roll Eyes


POlly said...

fantastic its need nothing more speaking from cooks point view you need somewhere to wipe your dirty hands

LadybirdK said...

looks great to me, your mum should love it!

niina said...

those cupcakes look delicious