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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby W's Sampler WIP Progress #1

on one of Emma's beautiful fabrics...this is for Baby Whinfield (not sure yet if it is a girl or a boy...)
No news just yet and I think he or she was due today but you know how reluctant a baby can be to enter the world - especially in all this cold!!!

So I chose a design from a back issue of CSC (I don't know which issue mind) which has a teddy holding a blanket and the words 'new baby' written in baby blocks. I have selected parts of the image (because it is lots of little images together to make the sampler up) and decided to stitch them to make it's completion a bit faster.

I've been off work today due to my god knows what I'm suffering from...(virus maybe?!) so I have done a lot Wink

Teddy Bear Sampler2
Teddy Bear Sampler3

I hope you like my progress so to do a bit more before bed!!!

1 comment:

Fiona said...

Looking good so far hun, hope you feel better soon!! It sucks to be ill esp. when the people who are meant to make you better don't know whats wrong.