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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Penguin Gloves and an Avon Argan Oil Review...

Well here's a picture to make you smile first of all...
Don't you just adore my penguin mittens ;0)...they are just a small part of my penguin obsession *note the penguin iPhone case too*

Now I am going to review something (which I don't usually do...but I have found a mixture of things which help my hair to not look so 'fluffy' and I'm so impressed that I must share this fact with you all!!!)

I use the Argan Oil Shampoo and Argan Oil Conditioner (both also from Avon) too religiously every time I wash my hair...

I have quite thick and 'fluffy' hair, which is very prone to reacting to humidity/dampness...I started using this stuff after coming back from the hairdressers one time and wondering how they managed to get my hair so silky and soft (something that I could not replicate)...I saw Argan Oil products advertised while flicking through the Avon catalogue and thought "oh I'll give that a go"...

I've never looked back!!! I order more Shampoo and Conditioner each time the Avon catalogue pops through my door. I am stock piling in case Avon decide to stop making this product (they have a tendency to withdraw products sometimes just as you're used to them/love them!) hair looks beautiful, silky soft and doesn't ever go frizzy due to the rain/humidity now :0) I feel that because I am using 3 compatible products that they work extra well because they are working together...even when my hair is needing a wash (I can go about a week between washes as my hair is not greasy at all) it still feels soft and silky!!! 

If you have an Avon rep near you then give these products a try if you suffer from fly away, dry, frizzy hair :0) I can almost guarantee you'll love them and never use anything else!!! They smell great too ~ my Mum always says that upstairs in my room after I've washed my hair it smells like a hairdressers ;0) 

So yes...that's my blog for this soup has been made as I forgot to put my broth mix in to soak so I shall make soup tomorrow I am craving a sandwich tomorrow I think so I shall give into my bread craving just this once!!!

I hope that you've had a lovely weekend ~ they go way too quick don't they??? I need someone to give me a kick up the bum to get going with my Patchwork Santa again as I am working on the final little bit but it is a part of his coat that is almost the same colour as my fabric so I'm not motivated in the slightest...I think now that my Christmas cards are written, majority of Christmas presents wrapped and I am quite organised in regards to Christmas that I can relax of an evening now and crack on with Patchwork...wish me luck!!!


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