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Saturday, February 09, 2013


I am absolutely massively overly excited about an idea that I have had...I am going to do an overseas charity challenge next year...I plan to do this one: Dog Sledding Challenge Sweden 2014 

So today I have been thinking lots about ideas in regards to this charity challenge. Mainly about:
1) Events I can hold to raise money
2) Local companies I can approach to sponsor me
3) Things I can do to advertise my charity challenge (radio interview, newspaper articles, blog posts etc...)

It's very exciting. The challenge isn't until February 2014 and I may not even go through with it but thinking about it and wondering what I can do to raise money excites me a lot. I think if I put my mind to it then I will more than likely go through with it!!! I am waiting for my knee operation on March 13th (next month) before making any concrete plans because I want to be absolutely sure I could do a challenge like this before committing to anything...

Eeeeeeek!!! Terribly excited...this would be in the year of my 30th birthday so would make it absolutely memorable for all the right reasons...

Just had to express my excitement and let my blog readers know of my idea/plans...

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Lorna said...

That sounds like an amazing idea. You get to do something fun and challenging as well as raising money for charity. I remember doing a bike ride to Skegness and back in two days for orphans in Tanzania and my Duke of Edinburgh. It was extremely tiring to do 170 odd miles in two days but it was worth it to raise money to help people.