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Friday, October 26, 2012

Woopwoop Birthday Weekend...

Well it's my birthday tomorrow!!!...28 I shall be...I have no plans other than sleeping in tomorrow morning if my body clock allows me to then going out for an evening meal with my parents!!!

I find as I get older that I don't want to celebrate as much. Doing something small to celebrate the date of my birth makes me happy these days! :0) my best friend Genie has a card for me & a pressie to follow when she gets paid so I might pop see her but I am going to just go with the flow this weekend & have an enjoyable time!

If you're reading this blog post then have a lovely weekend :0)
I'm sure I shall too...


cucki said...

happy birthday for tomm..
have a lovely day xx

Claire said...

Hope you had a lovely Birthday.x