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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Chunky Knit progress...& Abby's finished knitted bits...

I am starting a chunky knit scarf for myself...I plan to add tassles and crochet flowers when I have knitted the main bulk of the scarf...I'm not sure just yet how long I am going to make it...I think I'll just knit until I feel happy with the length...if it goes well then I plan to knit one for my best mate as well (for Christmas - oOoOo organised...) as the wool also comes in a pink/red/orange ball too...

Wool: James C Brett - Marble Chunky (blues, purples & greens) - beautifully soft and subtly changes from one colour to the next!
Needles: 5 1/2mm
Stitches: 47 (1 each end for selvage)

I hope that you like my new project & choice of wool...
I am enjoying knitting it so far even though I've only done a small wedge...

...Abby's Knitted Bits...
 ^^^ Close up of border ^^^ 

^^^ Mum's Knitted Cardigan ^^^

^^^ Mum's Knitted Pixie Style Hat ^^^

^^^ Everything Together...^^^

^^^ My Crochet Flowers On Abby's Hat...^^^


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